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We're Updated! - My sincerest apologies for not having this site updated more recently.  We had some program/software
issues and finally were able to work through them.  We've been trying to keep our Facebook page current, for those of you
that are following us there (
Rising Water Quarter Horses).  Most notably, the Prospects and Show Horses pages have been
updated to reflect the newest additions to not only our herd, but also to our trophy case!  Imobviouslycreative swept the
IBHA World Show, winning the Youth, Amateur, and Open 2 Year Old Mare classes!  Her full older brother, Obvious
Creation, picked up his twelfth title, winning the Aged Stallion class, and her full younger brother earned his second
Reserve World Champion title in the Yearling Stallion class.  Another Phenomenal Creation daughter, Ima Phenomenal
Flirt, made her showing debut, taking the title IBHA Reserve World Champion Weanling Mare - Congratulations to her
breeder/owner Amanda Northcutt!

Buckskin World Show News! - We had a crazy couple of weeks, but have some awesome news to share!  Obvious
Creation swept both shows, taking World Champion titles in the Open and Amateur classes at each show!  His full brother
Chromed Out Creation is the Reserve World Champion IBHA Weanling Stallion.  His full sister, Imobviouslycreative, is
the IBHA World Champion Youth 2 and Under Mare and Reserve World Champion Yearling Mare (out of a tough class
of 10)!  She was shown in the Youth Mare class by our 6-year old son Connor and they did great together!  Connor also
showed his Aged Mare Gossips Lucky Charm to another IBHA Reserve World Champion 3 and Over Mare title.  Our new
weanling filly JMK My Phantasy is the IBHA World Champion Weanling Mare.  So, we picked up 9 World and Reserve
World Champion titles between the two shows!!!  It was definitely an awesome year for us!  We also want to give a shout
out to Liv Markus and An Awesome Creation, a Phenomenal Creation son, on their unanimous IBHA World Champion
Youth Gelding title!  You guys looked great out there!

A new stallion at RWQH! - We would like to announce the arrival of Designed By Tin Man!  He is the last son of APHA
Champion Tin Man and we are very excited to be able to offer him to the public for the first time.  Not only will his foals
be beautiful looking, but they'll also be beautiful movers.  The Tin Man lines are well-known to produce horses that can not
only halter but also perform!  This boy has a puppy-dog personality and is a gorgeous mover.  We hope to get some videos
posted this fall of him.  Unfortunately he was never able to show due to an injury as a foal, but we believe he'll produce
some outstanding show prospects!  Welcome Hollywood!

IBHA World Show pre-entries are in! - We just mailed in our pre-entries for the IBHA World Show and boy will we be
busy in Cloverdale!  We are very excited about our babies this year and some will be making their debuts at the World
Show.  Wish us all luck!

Obvious Creation has achieved his AQHA Open Superior in Halter! - Huge thank you to trainer John Kabeiseman
for helping us reach this awesome goal!

Foals - All of our 2013 foals are now officially registered with AQHA, AQHA IF enrolled, and papers are pending with
the appropriate buckskin associations (ABRA/IBHA)!  Lots of pictures and lots of paperwork, but we're done!  All 2012
and 2013 foals are for sale, so come pick out your next show horse!

Foals - We were very fortunate to have 4 healthy foals born this year.  We have 2 red dun colts by Phenomenal Creation.  
Jack is out of 4X WC/RWC Obviously Dun In Oil and is a full brother to World Champions Obvious Creation and
Imobviouslycreative.  Cooper is out of a daughter of Ima Cool Skip.  Our other 2 foals are the first foals of Obvious
Creation!  They're here!!!  Sandy is a red dun filly out of a daughter of The Wild Wild West, and Guinness is a (bay) dun
colt out of a daughter of Kid Clu.  We are super excited about this foal crop this year, and we cannot wait to get Obvious
Creation's first foals into the show pen!

Obvious Creation is nearing his AQHA Open Superior in Halter! - Trainer John Kabeiseman has been doing an
awesome job with Beau over the winter and Beau is now within 10 points of his AQHA Superior!!!  Woo hoo!

Obvious Creation's AQHA show record for 2012! - We would like to give a big Shout-Out to John & Emily
Kabeiseman (Paradise Training) for the awesome job they've done with Beau on the AQHA circuit this year.  In less than 8
weeks, Beau was taken to 4 shows and was Grand or Reserve Champion Stallion under every judge!  In addition, Beau also
achieved his Open Halter ROM, was the Region 2 Champion 2 Year Old Stallion and Amateur 2 and Under Stallion, and
is now qualified for the 2013 AQHA World Show in Open and Amateur Halter Stallions!  He now has a total of 16.5
Open and 4 Amateur Halter points.  We are so excited about what he has accomplished and look forward to working
toward finishing his Open Halter Superior next year!  

Thank you to our trainers in 2012! - A huge thank you to Chris Arentsen Quarter Horses for preparing Beau for his wins
at the Buckskin World Shows and to John Kabeiseman for getting Beau to his AQHA accomplishments!  We have the
utmost respect and appreciation for these awesome trainers!  Thank you!

World Show news!!! - It's been a crazy, busy, hot couple weeks, but have some great news to share!  First we begin at the
ABRA World Show, held in Tulsa, OK.  Obvious Creation took home the title of Reserve World Champion 2 Year Old
Stallion!  Connor and Gossips Lucky Charm were only at their second show and did wonderfully in the 3 and Over Youth
Mares class, placing as high as 3rd, with an overall placing of 7th out of 15 mares in the class!  Jackie and Gossips Lucky
Charm took home the World Champion buckle in the Broodmare class!  We next went down to the IBHA World Show in
Memphis, TN.  Beau was awarded two more World Champion titles in the 2 Year Old Stallion and Amateur 2 and Under
Stallion classes!  Beau's full sister ImObviouslyCreative made her horse show debut and brought home a World Champion
Weanling Mare title, carrying on the winning tradition of her parents and big brother!  Connor and Chloe took home a
Reserve World Champion 3 and Over Youth Mare buckle, of which has been confiscated out of the trophy case and into
Connor's room!  Amanda Northcutt and Ima Super Creation did awesome at their first World Show and brought home
World Champion buckles in 2 Year Old Gelding and Amateur 2 and Under Gelding!  Congratulations you guys - you
looked awesome out there!

Congratulations to Rigby's new owners!!! - We would like to congratulate Cascy and Brad on their new addition!  We
know Rigby (This Beaus Calling) will have a great home!

Happy Birthday to Phenomenal Creation!!! - Pete is 14 years young today.  He loves his life, being able to socialize with
his girlfriends and see his babies.  Thank you to all the mare and PC foal owners who have made him the successful sire he
is today!

Mares in foal for 2013! - So far, we have 3 mares confirmed in foal for 2013!  Obviously Dun In Oil is confirmed back in
foal to Phenomenal Creation for a full sibling to Obvious Creation and "Candy".  We also have Rocas Wild Babe and RJR
Skipa Clu confirmed in foal to Obvious Creation for his first foals!  These babies will both be dun factored, as Beau is
homozygous for the dun gene.  Rocas Wild Babe will have a red dun and RJR Skipa Clu will have a dun, red dun, or grulla
foal.  We are very excited to see these first babies!

She's here!!! - Obvious Creation would like to announce the arrival of his full sister, "Candy"!  She's red dun with a LOT
of white!  While she will not be eligible for ABRA registration, she should qualify for full Pinto (PtHA) papers.  We have
big plans for this girl if she is anything like her big brother!

Ima Super Creation is sold!!! - We would like to congratulate Amanda Northcutt on her purchase of Ima Super
Creation!  We are so excited for you and look forward to watching you two in the show pen together!

Morgan Alexis Meffen arrives! - Although she does not have 4 legs, we'd like to announce to everyone that our daughter,
Morgan Alexis, arrived today at 1:15 pm!  She joins big brother Connor on the RWQH team and future Youth show string.

IBH Congress - Obvious Creation had a great show, taking home the titles of Congress Champion Amateur Stallion,
Congress Champion Yearling Stallion, and Congress Futurity Champion Yearling Stallion.  Ima Super Creation picked up
his first points in Open and Amateur Stallion Halter as well!

AQHA World Show - Just before leaving for the IBH Congress show, we received our invitation letter for Obvious
Creation to attend the AQHA Amateur World Show!

IBHA World Show - Phenomenal Creation foals took home both the World and Reserve World titles in Youth 3 and
Over Geldings today!  Congratulations to World Champion Complete Creation and Reserve World Champion An
Awesome Creation!  Additional Congratulations go out to Complete Creation for his title of Reserve World Champion
Aged Gelding!

What a great showing for the PC foals at the two Buckskin World Shows this year!  3 World Champion titles and 7 Reserve
World Champion titles!

IBHA World Show - Congratulations to Obvious Creation who is now the IBHA World Champion  Yearling Stallion
and Res. World Champion Amateur 2 and Under Stallion!  Congratulations to Livvie Markus and An Awesome Creation
for their World Champion Youth Amateur Western Showmanship 14-18 title!

ABRA World Show - Congratulations to Obvious Creation who won his first title this weekend - Reserve World
Champion Amateur 2 and Under Stallion!  Congratulations also to Complete Creation who added 3 more titles to his name
with Reserve World Champion Aged Gelding, Amateur 3 and Over Gelding, and Youth Gelding!

4th of July Weekend Show - The Phenomenal Creation offspring had an awesome showing at the 4th of July ISBA show,
taking home such circuit champion titles as Amateur and Yearling Stallion, Amateur and Aged Gelding, and  Hi-Point
All-Around Youth!

Memorial Day Weekend Show - Our two yearling stallions had their first show experience at a 4-day ABRA show in
Jefferson, WI.  After showing to 12 judges, Obvious Creation was the unanimous circuit champion Amateur and Yearling
Stallion, picking up his ROMs in Open and Amateur Stallion Halter!

June 4-5 Weekend Show - Our boys attended an IBHA/AQHA show in Sedalia, MO this weekend.  Obvious Creation
won the IBHA Yearling and Amateur Stallion classes under all 4 judges.  He also picked up his first half-point in AQHA
Amateur Halter!  Both Obvious Creation and Ima Super Creation also received points in the IBHA Dun Factor classes this

Foals due in 2012 - We plan on having 3 foals due in March 2012!  Our 2x World/2x Res. World Champion mare
Obviously Dun In Oil has been confirmed in foal to Phenomenal Creation, and our Kid Clu daughter, RJR Skipa Clu, has
been confirmed in foal to Yella Rockafella.  Currently, we are sure that we also have Gossips Lucky Charm in foal to
Phenomenal Creation, but are awaiting an ultrasound to confirm.

2011 Foal is here!!! - We would like to congratulate Merritt Farms for their chestnut colt born this morning out of their
Reserve World Champion-producing mare!  He is beautiful and we look forward to seeing him grow!

Thunderstorm Damage - It is with a heavy heart we announce the loss of one of our favorite mares, Angelsfinalcreation.  
She was struck by lightning this morning in a thunderstorm.  She was our son's favorite horse and will be greatly missed.  
The lightning also struck our barn through the electric lines, but we were very fortunate to have the breaker do its job and
stop any further damage from happening.

Complete Creation is sold!!! - We would like to congratulate Merritt Farms for their purchase of 3X IBHA World
Champion Complete Creation!  We are very excited about his new home and look forward to watching his career continue!

Early Breeding Special!!! - Book to Phenomenal Creation by the end of 2010 and have 2 mares bred for the price of 1!
Mares do not have to be owned by the same person, so get a friend to join! No chute fees, and no set collection days!

Color Breed Congress - Complete Creation was the Congress Champion IBHA Amateur Gelding,  3 YO Gelding, and
Grand Champion Gelding!  Shesa Fancy Creation was the Congress Reserve Grand Champion IBHA Mare!  Color Breed
Congress was a lot of fun, and I hope that we see more IBHA/ABRA participants next year.  I also hope a lot of the
buckskin/dun horses I saw showing Pinto think about registering with the buckskin associations as well.  The people
working the show as well as our fellow exhibitors were great to talk with and everyone really worked hard to make the
show a success.  We hope to be able to attend next year's Congress!

Dun Zygosity Tests - Since both Beau and Spike are out of 2 red dun parents, there is a chance they may be homozygous
for the dun gene.  These tests were processed by UC-Davis and Beau came back as been homozygous for the Dun gene!  If
he has the privilege to remain a stallion, this means that he will pass on a dun gene to every one of his foals!

Phenomenal Creation is now a Western Pleasure point producer!  We'd like to congratulate Livvie Markus and An
Awesome Creation on their first IBHA YA WP pt!  We look forward to more to come!

HERDA - Knowing the Phenomenal Creation has some bloodlines known to carry the HERDA gene, we decided to have
him tested.  And the results came back N/N!!!  We are very excited to be able to offer this additional information to our
mare owners for their use in deciding to breed to him.

World Shows - Complete Creation added 2 more WC titles to his name!  He is the IBHA World Champion Open 3 Year
Old Gelding and Amateur 3 and Over Gelding!  We are so excited!  Obviously Dun In Oil, after being weaned from Beau
for about a month, returned to the show ring and picked up the ABRA and IBHA WC Broodmare titles.  She already had
2 ABRA RWC titles, and now she has 2 WC titles.  She was always the bridesmaid, and now she's finally the bride!

Foals - We were very fortunate to have 4 healthy foals born this year.  Three are red duns and one is a chestnut, all by
Phenomenal Creation.  Beau is out of 2X RWC Obviously Dun In Oil and Spike is out of Halter ROM mare FVF Cool
Brezy Layne.  Both of these boys may also be homozygous for the dun gene.  Star is out of Completely Smokin and is a full
sister to 3X IBHA WC Complete Creation.  We have high show expectations for these 3 babies!  DD was not born until
May, but she is gorgeous!  She is out of Rocas Wild Babe and is a full sister to Futurity Champion Western Creation.

~ James and Jackie Meffen
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